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One of the first DSBM projects I listened to, and an all time favourite of mine.

Formed in 2005 by Desolate (Mitchell Keepin) and Sorrow (Tim Yatras), two talented australian multi-instrumentalists who miltated in various DSBM projects during their career (Woods Of Desolation, Grey Waters, Funeral Mourning, Pestilential Shadows), Austere is the maximum expression of their artistic meeting.

Their last album before they split-up in 2010, To Lay Like Old Ashes, is the best expression of their desolate and mournful music.

The Australian DSBM scene is full of valid projects, so stay tuned for more advices.

Discography (not concernig the two splits with Lyrinx and Isolation):

Withering Illusions And Desolation [2007]

Only The Wind Remembers [2008]

To Lay Like Old Ashes [2009]

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